Family Freedom Protocol

Learn a BRAND NEW Protocol
To Create FREEDOM with ANYONE!
DATES 2022:

      February 3rd - February 28th
It's free! And Takes Less Than 3 Minutes...
  • ​How to Work with All 5 Dimensions Of A Client
+ Discover how to start with your client's CONSCIOUS MIND
+ Tap into your client's UNCONSCIOUS MIND
+ Work with your client's ENERGY LEVEL
+ Heal your client at the SOUL LEVEL
+ Make instant changes in the client's CELLULAR BODY
   & Programmed mind.
  • ​A Detailed, Step-by-Step System
+ Easy to Follow Steps to Ensure Successful Application
+ Completely Eliminates Therapist Overhwhelm
+ Help Clients & Loved Ones Get Unstuck
  • ​Live Videos & Demonstrations
+ Learn from the 8 x Live Video Presentations
+ Gain Access to Detailed Explanations & Demonstrations
  • ​On-Going Support & Questions Answered
+ Join the Exclusive Private Facebook Group for 24hr Support
+ Download all the PDF's and Scripts for easy application
Total value: $15,000
EARLY BIRD UNTIL 1.1.2022 $3997 
AFTER $5555 (If Accepted)
  • Practitioners who are struggling with overwhelm and what to do or say next.
  • Practitioners who are looking for better tools that work.
  • ​This is for someone who is wanting to start their own business in helping others
  • Energy Healers, Hypnotherapists, Psychologists, anyone who works with others in helping them get into a more resourceful and thriving state.
  • ​For anyone who is interested in how to build a practice with no over heads (all on zoom)
  • If you are a Practitioner who is looking for the most powerful tool to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your client...then this is for you!
  • If you are wanting to be a practitioner and looking for an easy-to-learn, yet powerful & safe process to get you started...then this is for you!
  • If you want to create more Freedom within your Family but you don't know where to start and nothing you've tried has worked so far...then this is for you!
  • This isn’t just another online workshop. You are buddied up to an accountability partner that you take each other through the processes to really master each step.
  • You are not just a number. It is capped to a certain amount of people so you get my full attention and help through all processes. Yes, a real person talking to you.
  • This is NOT a waste of time.
  • Because the certification is over 8 sessions and within 4 weeks, this assured you are immersed in the process and so get the biggest learnings. 
  • It’s a great community to be involved in too.
  • This Is Not Standard Therapy: You won't be forced to uncover the 'dirt' in your family, like other therapy models. Instead this will be powerful and painless!
(Then check these out)
  • Already Trained to Therapists Across Australia: Emma has already trained many  Therapists all across Australia.
  •   Ideal for Overwhelmed Practitioners: This gentle yet highly effective process is ideal for Practitioners who are experiencing overwhelm.
  • Ideal for the Practitioner who is looking for the Complete Package: Using the conscious unconscious, energy and at a soul level
  • Unlimited Access to Videos and PDF’s: Review the Training 24 hours a day, to ensure you feel completely confident & comfortable.
  • Complete Scripted Training Manual: This step-by-step, detailed manual makes it simple to replicate & create outstanding results for clients.
  • VIP Support Group: Get exclusive access to Emma through her online TLR Support Group, to ensure all your questions are answered.
  • By Following the System, it will not only work for you, but your clients will refer and your business will triple.
  • Trained in Energy Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, Emma Romano realised that some of her most challenging clients needed a better approach.
  • By combining all her skills & experience, Emma created the Timeline Reset™ process, and both her and her clients were blown-away by the instant results it created.
  • Emma created this process for her clients that were traumatised by past events that found it hard to visualise or too traumatised to go back to the traumatic event or simply too much in their head. 
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